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Las Vegas Wedding Chapels in Hit Movies

Las Vegas wedding chapels get a good amount of movie screen time. If you watch a lot of movies, then you’ll notice that Las Vegas is a staple in plenty of films. It’s a popular choice when filming because it offers the thrill of action, a recognizable location, and plenty of eye candy. Take for instance the Las Vegas Wedding Chapel from The Hangover. Here is some movie trivia. Did you know that The Hangover created a fictitious chapel? The Best Little Chapel was a façade they made, then placed in front of another building.

Here are a few more notable movies. The Little Church of the West was in the movie Viva Las Vegas, while Fools Rush In showcased the Wee Kirk o’ the Heather wedding chapel. In the classic movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, you’ll find the Graceland Wedding Chapel. And who can forget seeing the Chapel of the Bells in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas starring Nicholas Cage?

Whether you’re a fan of movies that feature Sin City, it’s hard to overlook the impact that Las Vegas has had on the industry. It’s a fun, sparkly place full of activity perfect for movies that include getaways, weddings, bachelor parties, and hangouts. 

Vegas wedding chapels have grown so popular, thousands of people head to Vegas to get married in the flashy, charming, or over the top chapels, which can even offer impersonators for your wedding, because of their reputation. They are almost as famous as the city and casinos themselves.

Who doesn’t love a fun story or a wedding or bachelor party movie? We can all relate, we’ve all been to weddings or maybe you got married, but it’s something fun to relive through a laugh-out-loud or touching film. A wedding in Las Vegas movie trailers is a surefire way to know it’s going to be a draw! 

East Coast paper The New York Times even writes about Vegas chapels in one of their recent stories, Quickie Weddings Slow Down. Do you suddenly find yourself in the mood to watch a movie? Here are Top 10 Las Vegas Movie Weddings.

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite Vegas movie or wedding movie.​

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