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How to Have a Good Date Night Using Netflix

Netflix & Chill

The expanse of streaming networks that offer music, television, and movies has changed the entertainment industry. What once used to be a simple decision about what to watch or listen to can become overwhelming. 

In psychology, there’s something called Hick’s Law. It says, the more choices somebody has, the longer it takes them to make decisions.

With that in mind, planning the weekend around dinner and a movie, and what started as a simple question like, “Netflix & chill?” ends in an overwhelming decision about what to watch, does the stress outweigh the event? 

Movies and Streaming Services: Is Too Much Choice a Good Thing?

Sorting through streaming movies online can be never-ending, or at least feel that way. The first thing worth considering is to see if there are lists that mention good date night movies on Netflix. Narrowing the choices and getting the perspective of others is a good step. When it comes to reviews, Statistica found in a 2019 survey, “62 percent of respondents stated that online customer reviews were very helpful.”

Radio DJ, Andrew Michael Youso, uses streaming services on a regular basis as a consumer, but stated, “Sometimes, I get overwhelmed, and I think I’ll just watch something.” When asked who decides the final pick, he said, “My wife, she’s usually the one that chooses what we watch just because she’s more into all these series than I am.” 

Having somebody else make the judgment call can alleviate pressure, but doing research beforehand is another option. It’s easy to think these services and the abundance of movies are too much due to the overwhelming variety factor, but there’s another point of view. 

With such a vast selection comes the ability to narrow down to a more precise, niched movie style, whether it’s an artful foreign film, a slapstick romantic comedy, or an action thriller. 

Today, with the ability to easily stream movies from our homes, variety can be a blessing adding diversity and range. A fun way to use the varied selection is by creating a theme night. There are endless possibilities between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, HBO Go, and other popular streaming channels.

Instead of going out, deciding to have a movie night inside could be much more enjoyable.

Whether it’s a bottle of wine and a romantic movie, or nachos and a romantic comedy, there’s undoubtedly plenty of movies to pick from. When looking for inspiration, Netflix has an area on their website, which tells you what’s trending and popular in a category. Here’s the romance section. As for top romance movies, IMDb’s best of 2010’s lists Her (2013) at the top, with La La Land (2016) ranking in second place, and Silver Linings Playbook (2012) directly behind them.

When considering the many options, finding common ground is a great way to connect. And when all else fails, know that Titanic grossed over $650 million, is the top contender when it comes to romantic box office receipts, and is probably a safe bet.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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