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The Boys on Amazon Prime Is a Hit With Less Profanity, Sex, & Drugs Than the Comic Book

Sometimes Hollywood needs to give people what they want, then twist it to make it fresh. Take the newly popular show, The Boys on Amazon Prime. And what exactly makes The Boys such a popular show? 

One thing worth noting is that the series has less of a gratuitous nature when it comes to sex, drugs, and profanity that was originally written in the comic book series. Has the nation grown tired of dirty words and overtly done sex scenes? Probably not, but there comes the point where it can overshadow a show. If it becomes the entire focus, you lose sight of the characters while fitting in the juicy bits. 

Another thing to consider is that by lowering the amount of profanity and sex scenes, they’re opening the door to a broader audience base. Ratings are reduced, and in a show that’s already tightly targeted, it allows for fringe viewers who might not have been drawn to this series to give it a chance they might not have otherwise. 

Then there’s the fact that Amazon said some of the extras had to go, as told by the series co-creator Erik Kripke. For Amazon to pull in the most massive viewership possible, there needs to be a line drawn in the sand. There’s still enough crassness that the show caught on to its target audience. But, in softening the blow of extreme moments, more people may stay tuned to the end and come back later.

Has shock factor worn off in television and movies? People may be wary of every show outdoing the next when it comes to pushing boundaries. No one truly knows, but The Boys knows its core audience, and Amazon recognized the potential.

This dark comedy pits superpowered semi-heroes (Seven) against vigilantes (Boys). Semi-heroes? Yeah. See, the thing is, the Seven have a slant that not everybody loves. They’re greedy, ripe with corruption, and their egos are volcano sized. 

So, what’s a community to do? That’s where the Boys come in. The Boys aim to dismantle Vought International, the company that is behind the superpowered Seven. The Seven brings in a mess of characters ranging from a weapons expert to a drug addict.

As for The Boys, this new popular show is the latest taste of superpower fun. It combines new faces and celebrities and offers a unique twist on entertainment. 

Based on a comic book, the story is written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Darick Robertson. Today, you’ll find the series streaming on Amazon Prime, two seasons available, and a third in the works. Interested in a comparison of the show and comic? On Newsweek, Steven Asarch further describes ‘The Boys’ on Amazon: How it Compares to the Comic Book.

Interested in another perspective? Be sure to check out this article by Antony Starr: ‘Freakish’ How ‘The Boys’ Mirrors Real Life by Hollywood Outbreak.

When viewers are looking for something fresh and fun, The Boys on Amazon Prime, Season 2 is a great choice. Reviews are favorable, and it makes a great choice to binge next, according to entertainment news.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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