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Zendaya – Top Five Best Acting Roles

Zendaya Coleman is a multi-faceted superstar who entered the entertainment industry at 10. Now in her 20’s, she is known as an actress, model, singer, dancer, and influencer. According to IMDb, she has been nominated 35 times for various awards and has taken home 19 wins. Her most recent win was for Primetime Emmy in 2020 for Outstanding Lead Actress in Euphoria’s Drama Series. In International Business Times, Catherine Armecin writes ‘Euphoria’ Season 2, Episode 5: Zendaya Opens Up About Intense Rue Intervention Scene. Zendaya has made her way into the entertainment industry and continues to leave her footprint all over Hollywood. This article will discuss Zendaya’s best acting roles.

1 - Euphoria

Euphoria is a Drama TV series based on a group of high school students who struggle with personal issues related to drugs, sex, and violence. Ruby Bennett “Rue” (Zendaya) is addicted to drugs and, after being released from rehab, is struggling to find herself and her place in the world. Zendaya stars as one of the lead actresses and narrates the tv series.

2 - Malcolm and Marie

Malcolm and Marie, a Romance/Drama released in 2021, tells the story of Malcolm Elliot (John David Washington), a Writer-Director, and his girlfriend Marie Jones, an actress (Zendaya). The couple’s relationship is tested after an evening of revelations about their expectations of the relationship and each other. This intense film was full of emotional ups and downs.

3 - Spider-Man Trilogy (John Watts)

Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Spider-Man: No Way Home are an Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi Trilogy about a Superhero, Peter Parker/Spider-Man(Tom Holland), that is tasked with protecting the neighborhood and fighting worldly threats with his superpowers. MJ (Zendaya) is Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s best friend, love interest, and girlfriend across all three movies. This trilogy doesn’t disappoint and is a binge-worthy movie series.

4 - Dune

Dune, a Drama/Adventure/Action science fiction film released in 2021, is a story based on a young man Timothée Chalamet (Paul Atreides). Timothée is on a journey through treacherous territories to a planet called Arrakis to defend his family and save his people. During his journey, Timothée repeatedly has dreams of a girl that needs help, Chani (Zendaya). Timothée completes his mission and arrives at Arrakis, where he finally meets Chani, the girl from his dreams.

5 - Greatest Showman

Greatest Showman, a Musical/Drama/Biography released in 2017, is a story based on the actual events of P.T. Barnum’s circus and journey to success and fame. Phillip Carlyle (Zac Efron) is a playwright, and Anne Wheeler (Zendaya) is an African American trapeze artist and Phillip’s love interest. Phillip and Anne’s relationship is not socially acceptable during this time, forcing them to face reality and end their romance. 

Want more? On the Screen Rant, author Shawn S. Lealos discusses the 10 Best Zendaya Movies & TV Shows, Ranked (According To Rotten Tomatoes). In 2022 Zendaya will be undeniably one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. The world has watched her grow and glow from a childhood model to one of the most sought actresses in the world. Angelic Oswald writes on Insider How Zendaya Went From Disney Channel Star To Blockbuster Darling. This article chronicles Zendaya’s career success. The entertainment world will see more of Zendaya.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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