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Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit Hit Miniseries

Although movies and scripted TV shows are a form of entertainment, they’re influential. Especially when they give their audience a good escape from the day-to-day norms. More Diversity in Hollywood Movies & Television Benefits Everyone explored how they leave a lasting impression and why the proper representation of women and people of color is vital. The Queen’s Gambit is a good example of inspiring its viewers and is binge-worthy watching.

The news program, TODAY, newscast package titled Chess Is Having A Boom Due To Pandemic And ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ reports on the influence of the Netflix’s series.

Anna Taylor-Joy. Chess. Ripe with tension and story. It’s no wonder it grabbed the nation’s attention. When looking for something akin to everything else out there, avoid this one. If looking for something startlingly fresh, something hypnotic and making an impact on its viewership, then look no further than The Queen’s Gambit.

The Queen’s Gambit grabbed the imagination of those watching it and caused a new revolution about an old, timeless game. The story focuses on a chess prodigy from a humble background who ends up an orphan. What follows has viewers raving. 

The influence of movies & TV shows has a natural impact. Take for instance Walt Disney’s movie about dalmatians, 101 Dalmatians, then the sequel 102 Dalmatians. In an article by Schatzie who has a degree in both animal science and education, he speaks of dalmatian sales and how they rose after the release of the animated films. 

As per CNBC, Risky Business and Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer glasses had a similar impact, pushing sales of over 300,000 pairs of glasses. Tom Cruise did it again, with sales of Aviator glasses selling hog-wild after he wore them in Top Gun

Who would have thought a simple game that’s been overlooked for ages would find its way front and center again while everybody is glued to modern technology? Thanks to The Queen’s Gambit being so binge-worthy; the trend has risen. Andy Meek reports on BGR that the hottest Netflix series right now did something that’s never been done before, while Alexis Soloski with The New Your Times writes ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Tries a Risky Play: Betting Chess Can Be Good TV.

People are mesmerized. Even Nancy Jo Sales writes in The Guardian that, I never thought I was a chess person. Then Covid came, and I’ve found the game cathartic.

How much of an impact did the series have? Sales of chess rose over 80%! What’s more, according to NBC news, books about chess rose more than 600%.

Haven’t watched the binge-worth series yet? It might be time to check out The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, but don’t be surprised when the itch to buy a chess board arises. Get hooked on Anna Taylor-Joy’s interpretation of Beth, the chess prodigy, and get lost in the storytelling.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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