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Elvis Presley Movie “That’s the Way It Is” Filming in Las Vegas

Can you believe it’s been fifty years since Elvis filmed the movie, That’s the Way It Is in Las Vegas? With the challenge of the pandemic upon us, Graceland held its first-ever virtual Elvis Week – for August 8-16th.

In commemoration of his iconic film, “That’s the Way It Is” there will be a re-release of this collection of concert moments with a remastered edition. The movie combined multiple clips from shows, his building up to a comeback, and a look at the man himself. 

After a ten-year gap, he was back on stage and blew box office records sky high.  While most people hear the words Elvis and Las Vegas and think of impersonators, chapels, or even his wildly popular movie, Viva Las Vegas, it’s the documentary That’s the Way it Is that gives you a real glimpse of Elvis coming back to own the stage. 

“That’s the Way It Is” Movie: Las Vegas Filming Location

The Westgate Hotel building housed the event, though, fifty years ago, the hotel was the famous International Hotel.  Imagine the excitement back then, an Elvis Presley Concert at International Hotel! Now, Westgate has the privilege of owning this historic space.

Cynthia Kindred, a big fan who attended an Elvis concert, says, “I didn’t get a chance to attend that concert, which is why I adored this film.”

The film’s cinematic release is shown worldwide in multiple countries around the world for only one night. Whether you’re hoping to hear his familiar voice while speaking or listening to him do a fantastic rendition of Suspicious Minds or any other big hits, you’ll want to be sure to join in the fun.

Speaking of hits, his first #1 hit was Heartbreak Hotel, but he got his start with That’s All Right a year prior. Music was a part of his life from early on. He even got his first guitar at age 11. A movie career followed not long after, with Love Me Tender being his first, before later serving in the military. Sadly, his life ended at a young 42 due to heart and drug issues.

According to Graceland, “It is estimated that more than one billion Elvis Presley records have been sold worldwide.” 

His music won’t soon be forgotten. It’s still timeless and relevant and holds its own against current music trends.

Tell me your favorite Elvis song in the comments.

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